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Joseph Hwang, DMD -  - Cosmetic Dentist

Joseph Hwang, DMD

Cosmetic Dentist located in Livermore, CA

At Tri-Valley Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Joseph Hwang and his staff specialize in various procedures used in cosmetic dentistry, including the use of Invisalign® trays. The dentist serves the residents of Livermore, California and many nearby towns.

Invisalign Q & A

How Do Invisalign® Trays Work?

Invisalign® trays work by using a series of plastic trays or mouthpieces that gradually change the position of the teeth over an extended period of time. The number of trays can vary from 11 to 24 or more and be used over a period of time. In most cases, the length of treatment is kept to approximately two years. If additional treatment is necessary, the dentist will formulate a new treatment plan, and the process will start over. Each tray is designed to move the teeth a little further each time so that the shift is gradual and as natural as possible. Trays are worn for a specific amount of time, ranging between two weeks and a month at a time.

What Are the Advantages of the Invisalign® System?

Using the Invisalign® trays or aligners offers patients numerous benefits. First and foremost, the trays are removable, so it is much easier to keep the teeth and gums clean through proper brushing and flossing. Secondly, the trays are clear and barely noticeable when in place. If a person appears in public on a frequent basis, the trays can be easily removed prior to their appearance and replaced when they are finished. The trays are easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily with a toothbrush at the same time the patient brushes their own teeth. While the Invisalign® system may be somewhat more expensive than conventional braces and retainers, their benefits often outweigh the additional cost.

Are Invisalign® Trays Similar to Conventional Braces?

While Invisalign® trays, and aligners produce similar results as conventional braces, they do so in a much different way. The trays used in the Invisalign® system are firm and supportive but can also be easily removed, allowing the patient to sufficiently clean and protect their teeth. With conventional braces, the patient must make sure every bracket and wire are thoroughly cleaned to prevent food from becoming trapped and causing cavities or weak areas on the enamel. Invisalign® trays are also transparent and go basically unnoticed once they are in place. Conventional braces, even those that use brackets that are white or clear, are still visible and can have a dramatic impact on how a person speaks or smiles.


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